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Available Puppies:
AKC Shih tzu puppy    born 01-18-2020
Upcoming Litters: 2 due in April/2020

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Born 1-18-20:  Puddin 8 lbs. our rare lavender lilac. Han 7 lbs. who is a rare blue brindle parti color. This is her last litter. Han's Mother Blueberry Muffin produced a rare lavender brindle parti which we held back to carry on her lines in 2020. She is the only lavender brindle parti we've ever heard of so likely one in of only a handful in the whole world. It's hard to get these specialized color which took several generations. Han is 3rd generation from our lines.  
Han's mother Blueberry Muffin blue creme. 
Tiny Tinker Toy: Lavender Creme boy with white blaze on head.  He carries all the rarest colors lavender, blue brindle parti which took several generations from the most beautiful dogs. Hold!
AKC Jazzy solid black 8 lbs. and Han blue brindle parti  7 lbs. is expecting in mid April 2020. Expecting all colors. 
Chablis white black pigment 8 lbs. and Han blue brindle parti 7 lbs. is expecting in late April. There last litters produced all colors. 
Last litters: Blue/White, Blue, Red/White, Chocolate, Lavender, Black
Last Litters: Red/white, Chocolate/white, Gold/white, Black/white and in solids.