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Available Puppies:

AKC Shih tzu pups born 6-22-21
Expecting:  Chablis is expecting a new litter around 9-12-21
                   Halo is expecting around 9-30-21 
                   Dumplin is expecting around 10-7-21
                   Juliet is expecting around 10-7-21

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You will need to fill out our Puppy/dog application for purchase no exceptions.  Go to Apply/Contract page copy/paste the application into email, send to heavensentpups@msn.com or email and I will send you a copy.  Scroll down and to the right to see all pictures below.

See our video's on Facebook Heavensent Pups page at this link:  https://www.facebook.com/HeavenSentPups
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Starla lavender and white 8 lbs. and Hootie 7.5 lbs. lavender and white litter born 6-22-21. Lavender is the rarest color in Shih tzu's. They are the only Shih tzu's that have beautiful green eyes as adults. 
Just born 6-22-21  There are 3 girls and 2 boys all in various shades of lavender and white.  Please email heavensentpups@msn.com for a puppy application if interested. 
Bowie is dark lavender and white male 4 weeks old, charting 8 lbs. Price: 1800.00 pet price on neuter contract.  Sold to Davidene
Baja is a Lavender and white male 4 wks. old.  He is charting 8 lbs. Price: 1800.00 pet price on neuter contract. Sold to Caitlyn.
Bluebelle is dark lavender and white female. She is charting 8 lbs. Price: 2250.00 pet price on spay contract. Available
Buttercup is a lavender and white Girl 4 wks. old. She is charting 6-7 lbs. smallest of the litter but not a runt. This line produces small pups.  Price: 2500.00 pet price on spay contract. Sold to Sharon
Bubbles is a Lavender and white girl 4 weeks old. She is charting 7-8  lbs. Price: 2250.00 pet price on spay contract. Sold to Murlene
1 week old: left to right 3 girls, 2 boys on far left.